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"I have always been fascinated by the nature of maths, the solar system and the universe! After 17 year as a maths teacher I would like to share with you a truly inspirational and captivating resource I produced some years previously. Numeracy PowerPoints helped me to engage with students through their answers, to identify gaps in their knowledge and support them with their numeracy skills. Top sets thrived on the mental challenge, middle sets loved explaining to others how they reached the answer and lower ability pupils enjoyed recalling the basic facts of maths.  Although I often run the session as individuals, group work provides lots of opportunities to collaborate and develop social skills.

Numeracy PowerPoints: Enjoy!" : Alan Crowley

Numeracy PowerPoints:Why Cosmicmaths?  

CosmicMaths consists of 64

differentiated Numeracy PowerPoints themed on

number operations, gem stones and the solar system.

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