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After 25 years as a maths teacher I've put to use my vast knowledge and experience to help online students achieve outstanding maths grades.

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Hey there, my name is Alan and I simply love maths!! I am the creator of cosmicmaths.
My signature above is my commitment to deliver to you  the very best of online maths courses.
Basic Bio:

Thanks for taking the time to read my bio. After 25 years of teaching maths in school, I'm now semi-retired. I've also taught maths/science online for over 17 years, delivering amazing and stimulating online sessions. If you believe  your son/daughter needs help and support, you are in the right place. My online courses are full of exceptional well designed lessons created to ensure amazing progress is achieved. Parents can even monitor levels of progress against subject standards. Today, maths and science qualifications have never been so vital in securing future careers. Let my courses help you on your child's learning pathway to success.

Courses in Mathematics
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